Dutchland Announces Expansion to Nine Facilities Across the USA Copy

Dutchland Announces Expansion to Nine Facilities Across the USA


Servicing the RNG/ Biogas and Water/ Wastewater Markets


Dutchland LLC, which built its reputation designing/constructing more than 1,000 gas/electric and liquid treatment facilities, is well positioned to grab market share in the growing renewable natural gas industry.

Helping that positioning is melding with a new sibling which increases manufacturing plants to nine from one.

Dutchland has been involved with dairy, poultry, swine, food/ beverage, industrial/ pharmaceutical and biosolids type feedstocks for years.

Since the 1980s, the Pennsylvania-based company has been designing, manufacturing, and building circular, rectangular, elliptical, and custom-designed tanks.

Dutchland built its first waste-to-energy anaerobic digester in the 1990’s. As a result of its enhanced production process, the company can produce products in a weather-controlled environment while pouring the base slab or foundation in the field, cutting down onsite schedule time drastically.

The company has added refinements to its production process to reduce CAPEX. “Offering expanded manufacturing services based on market data, allows Dutchland to reduce shipping cost, service more communities, and find standardized solutions that result in lower CAPEX,” according to Micah Boyer, Head of RNG Project Sales.

Proven engineering design, manufacturing, and construction of precast, post-tensioned concrete tanks make for faster on-schedule deployment, quicker ROI, and provide a minimum 50-year design life per ACI-350.

Dutchland recently was acquired by Kentucky-based private equity firm MiddleGround Capital and became part of Lindsay Precast – Renewables.

Lindsay designs and manufactures engineered precast concrete structures for water/wastewater, utility, solar, EV charging, transportation, and government end use markets.

Lindsay and Dutchland operate nine manufacturing facilities nationwide which gives the company a national presence with 10+-million square feet of production and storage capacity.

Said expansion allows for fast delivery and optimized production efficiencies.