Dutchland: The RNG Anerobic Digester Leader

The RNG Anerobic Digester Leader

With over 1000 successful tank installations with zero failures, Dutchland is recognized leader in the RNG anerobic digester market.  Its proven design, manufacturing, and construction of pre-cast post tensioned concrete tanks make for faster on-schedule deployment.  For more than 40 years, Dutchland has been building circular, rectangular, and elliptical storage tanks and custom-designed tanks.


Dutchland provides engineering, manufacturing, and turnkey construction of anaerobic digesters and other large infrastructure or tanks that hold liquids, solids, or gasses. Their decades of engineering design expertise allow for custom designed tanks to fit challenging and unique applications.


Dutchland uses pre-cast post tensioned concrete technology that can be scalable, customizable, or standardized. Pre-cast post tensioned technology allows for a reduction in project schedule durations, a robust design standard (ACI-350) for longevity, and a reduction in CAPEX and OpX risk over time and at scale.


Factory built-in controlled conditions, the weather is not a factor, construction schedules can be maintained year-round. Dutchland has experience building structures for the following feedstocks, including but not limited to Food/ Beverage Waste, Dairy, Swine, Poultry, Industrial/ Pharmaceutical and Biosolids.


The benefits of working with Dutchland are considerable:


  • Speed of Install
    • Simultaneous construction sequence
    • Production not impacted by weather
  • Quality
    • Superior mix of design and compressive strength
    • Post-tensioned; residual compression
  • Environmental stewardship
    • Reduced raw materials
    • Use post-consumer products
    • Material optimization
    • Low carbon manufacturing solution vs traditional concrete construction


Dutchland’s commitment to providing superior anerobic digesters is unmatched and is recognized as the leader in the RNG market.