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RNG projects are coming at a fast and furious pace, as the demand for the fuel with no downsides continues to grow.

This website is a primary source for the latest information on RNG. Companies come to our site looking for industry information, conferences but also identify companies who can manage RNG projects, the complexity of carbon credits, equipment and services needed to make things happen.

Get your company listed in the RNG directory to maximize your opportunities to participate in the unprecedented RNG growth.

"We are crazy busy. The whole industry is booming!"

Brad Huxter, BSME


RNG Directory Membership provides excellent company and product/service exposure to the entire RNG market.  Many companies address a myriad of sectors with their products. They often do not have RNG sections on their websites.  A member listing in the RNG Directory highlights their products, services and experience specific to the RNG sector.

  1. Directory listings will enable a business to provide specialized product and service information regarding the RNG market.
  2. Subscription to proprietary monthly newsletters from The RNG Directory.
  3. Unlimited postings of content on The H2-CCS Network, RNG Directory and Shale Directories blogs that will feed 30+ social media sites
  4. Directory businesses will be able to schedule a monthly marketing call with RNG Directory principals which will provide the latest industry developments as well as provide perspectives on any specific member questions.
  5. Directory businesses will receive preferential treatment for RNG Conferences with regard to sponsorships and registrations.
  6. RNG Directory principals will facilitate introductions to prospect customers whenever possible.
  7. The principals will monitor the RNG markets and provide the latest corporate, company, scientific, product developments.
  8. The RNG Directory principals will respond to ad hoc member questions or requests for data and opinions.
  9. The RNG Directory will provide a market analysis of relevant RNG market information.


The RNG Membership investment is $7,500 annually.