Archaea Energy, a bp Company

Archaea Energy combines industry-leading experts and proven technology with an innovative design and manufacturing approach for RNG projects. This enables Archaea to bring projects to market faster and at a lower cost, and to operate projects with higher expected uptime and efficiency. Archaea has a comprehensive portfolio of operational RNG and landfill gas to renewable electricity projects, best in class operating experience, and a deep inventory of highly economic, low-risk RNG development projects.

Archaea is seeking to redefine the RNG industry by bringing a disciplined and sustainable approach to RNG project development, from a cost-efficient manufacturing approach utilizing the best available technology and processes, to a differentiated commercial strategy focused on selling RNG under long-term, fixed price contracts to creditworthy partners.

The Archaea team has extensive experience in project development, engineering, landfill operations, and green gas energy. Archaea develops, constructs, owns, and operates projects for the entirety of the project lifecycle and expects to deliver a predictable supply of RNG for decades. RNG production transforms landfills and farms into renewable energy centers and generates a royalty which becomes a meaningful, long-term source of revenue for the landfill and farm owners.

Archaea is dedicated to bringing a better RNG solution to landfill owners. A safe, compliant, and reliable operation maximizes uptime and the value of the landfill.  Archaea’s track record of reliability and emphasis on long-term partnerships enables landfill owners to receive benefits from our RNG projects while focusing on their core operations.

Archaea is  also seeking to expand its sustainable energy offerings by developing CO2 sequestration and renewable hydrogen opportunities.

Archaea Energy is on a mission to enhance the role of RNG in helping organizations decarbonize and achieve their sustainability goals. Archaea seeks to sell at least 70% of its RNG production from our portfolio of projects to creditworthy partners under long-term, fixed price agreements. Archaea focuses on long-term RNG offtake partnerships with corporations, universities, and utilities, enabling these entities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve decarbonization targets while utilizing their existing gas infrastructure.

Archaea’s projects are well-suited for long-term contracting because landfill gas has a very predictable 20- to 30-year production profile, which when coupled with expected growth in U.S. landfill waste, creates 40-60 years of landfill gas feedstock visibility. Archaea’s long-term offtake agreements can have terms of up to 25 years and are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs.

An investment in RNG with Archaea Energy gives offtake partners options for the life of the contract and provides an economic, predictable, sustainable, and reliable option for decarbonization.