ECI, an Emerson Impact Partner, is the leading provider of industrial automation, valves and process control technology for the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. ECI also provides engineering, lifecycle support and training services for customers. An ISO 9001:2015 registered company, ECI has operated on the principles of quality, reliability and safety for more than 60 years, offering unmatched product and service solutions designed to meet specific customer needs.

Founded in 1956, ECI more than 250 professionals at several locations throughout our territory. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette honored ECI with a ninth consecutive Top Workplace Award in 2021.

ECI’s comprehensive solutions and services for the oil and gas industry creates single source accountability and enables access to experienced, local engineers, project managers and technicians who operate as an extension of your team. Those solutions include…

Valve Repair, Automation and Instrument Calibration

With 24/7 factory authorized repair of Fisher valves, and repairs on all other brands, ECI is the service partner oil and gas industry leaders depend on. Actuation services on Emerson and all brands, as well as instrument maintenance and calibration on Rosemount and all brands, delivers a complete service solution.

Process and Reliability Services

ECI offers a full array of reliability solutions that include vibration measurement, corrective alignment and balancing, ultrasound measurement, motor circuit evaluation and other professional solutions to ensure your process works as smoothly as possible.

Remote Automation Solutions

ECI is your single source for all needs from field equipment to the business system. Our state-of-the-art technology solutions from Emerson include flow computers, SCADA solutions and remote terminal units (RTUs). We provide industry-specific expertise with Emerson’s best-in-class products to help you achieve peak financial performance and long-term sustainability.

Encore Remanufactured Fisher Valves

Encore’s rigorous remanufacturing process guarantees that each Fisher valve is checked against OEM specifications identified in ANSI B16.34 standards for form, fit and function. Encore is also certified and authorized to apply both FM and CSA marks to Fisher instrumentation, which no other shop can do.

Skid Fabrication

ECI’s Skid Technologies group develops and builds custom prefabricated process control skids for a variety of customers and applications. Skid Tech projects are built to customer specifications using certified welders, X-ray weld verification, ISO procedures and quality documentation including MTRs, certificates of conformance, weld maps, welder continuity logs, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing and comprehensive quality checks.

Education and Training

ECI offers full-service, state-of-the-art training in our Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia locations. Hands-on, in-person and online training programs help prepare our customers’ teams for success.