Proteum Energy

Proteum Energy’s modular and scalable system produces clean hydrogen at an operational cost comparable to conventional steam methane reformation, but with a lower produced hydrogen carbon intensity (CI).

Their SnMR™ technology can produce from 13 to 250 TPD of renewable clean hydrogen from ethanol or 15 to 250TPD of clean hydrogen from ethane. Like LNG trains, Proteum’s modular system is scalable to increase production and achieve 45Q CO2 carbon sequestration thresholds.

By integrating off-the-shelf optional processing modules, system product gas mix can be varied according to site requirements with products ranging from fuel cell grade hydrogen only to combinations of hydrogen, methane, and CO2, including hydrogen-methane rich designer fuels tailored to meet Wobbe Index, Methane Number, and heating value requirements.

Proteum Energy’s core technology has earned a Certificate of Endorsement from DNV for safety and has been proven in commercial application.