Plan on Attending First Midwest RNG Conference June 13, 2024 | Milwaukee, WI

Plan on Attending First Midwest RNG Conference


Milwaukee, the beer capital of the world and headquarters of iconic motorcycle company Harley-Davidson, this June will be the center of the renewable natural gas industry, as the Midwest RNG Conference visits.

The one-day program, developed and presented by the H2-CCS Network and Shale Directories, is slated for June 13, at the Sonesta Milwaukee West.

RNG is the hottest topic in today’s energy industry. Solving the problem of what to do with waste when municipalities across America are clamoring to shut or severely limit landfill growth, the 12-state Midwest offers the perfect Petrie dish for companies looking to be part of the RNG push.

Presenters who will explain where the RNG industry was, is and soon will be include:

  • Kevin Shafer, P.E. Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), who has been instrumental in providing national and regional leadership in implementing grey and green infrastructure. He has implemented a regional flood management program, a renewable energy program and a private property inflow and infiltration program. Shafer put in place an aggressive program to convert to renewable fuels, install green infrastructure, and preserve floodplains.

MMSD is known for producing an organic fertilizer, Milorganite®.

Milorganite®, manufactured by the MMSD for 98 years, captures wastewater from the Milwaukee metropolitan area and uses naturally occurring microbes to digest the nutrients. After the organic matter has been consumed, the cleaned water is returned to Lake Michigan and the resulting material is dried and marketed as Milorganite.

Other speakers include:

  • Kenneth Thompson, Founder and President of Valtronics/Mustang Sampling brings over 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, focusing on innovative solutions in the natural gas, NGL, and LNG sampling markets. Thompson has turned his sampling expertise to the RNG industry.
  • Dave Lindenmuth, Managing Director, Renewable Natural Gas Services for renewable energy consulting/auditing/advisory firm EcoEngineers.
  • Brad Huxter, Vice President of RNG Services for Northern Biogas, a company that designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains RNG facilities while also providing plant operations & maintenance, field services and digester engineering and construction for other RNG and power generation project developers.

The Midwest is a major player in the country’s bovine and swine industries, whose waste products are another readily available source for producing RNG.

Eight of the U.S.’s Top 10 hog inventories are in the Midwest, including four of the Top 5, led by Iowa, with 23.5 million hogs, No. 2 Minnesota, with 9 million hogs, No. 4 Illinois, with 5.35 million hogs, and No. 5 Indiana, with 4.3 million hogs. All numbers are as of March 2023, with data provided by Statista.

Three of the Top 10 dairy cow inventories are in the Midwest, including No. 2 Wisconsin, with 1.27 million head, No. 7 Minnesota, with 455,000 head of milk cows, and No. 8 Michigan, with 432,000 head. Data is for 2022 and provided by Statista.

Governments worldwide are setting ambitious renewable energy targets, which is creating demand for new renewable energy sources, like RNG.

At the same time, many of those same governments, including in the U.S. the federal and many state governments, offer a variety of incentives worth millions of dollars to support the production and use of RNG, such as tax credits, grants, and subsidies.

These incentives are making RNG more affordable and attractive to producers, consumers and project investors.

In addition, technological advancements are making it more efficient and cost-effective to produce RNG, making the product a more competitive alternative to inground natural gas.

To see where your company fits into an industry growing at a 40% per annum rate, register for the inaugural Midwest RNG Conference on June 13th at the Sonesta Milwaukee West.