Smart Carbon Network Releases Statement on Recent Carbon Capture Pipeline Permitting

Smart Carbon Network Releases Statement on Recent Carbon Capture Pipeline Permitting

October 11, 2023

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West Des Moines, IA –In light of recent permit denials in North and South Dakota, and projects announcing pauses in their permit process, the Smart Carbon Network released the following statement.

“Myths about CO2 projects are potentially costing Midwest farmers and rural communities a golden opportunity,” said Joe Heinrich, Executive Director of Smart Carbon Network. “Jobs, local investments, and generational opportunities for family farmers are being ignored, and good projects are regrettably getting shelved. We need to keep the dialog going, and as more folks get the facts and understand there is nothing to fear, they’ll start to see the many benefits CO2 projects can deliver.”

Just last week, Gevo announced that without carbon capture transportation technology, what would be the largest investment in South Dakota would no longer be possible for the state. Furthermore, the USDA’s 2023 Farm Sector Income Forecast predicts net farm income to decrease by $48.0 billion and net cash farm income to decrease by $60.5 billion. Carbon capture technology could help reverse this by boosting economic opportunity in farming communities by creating jobs, attracting private investment, diversifying markets, and increasing the value of agricultural products like corn and ethanol. By refusing to adopt capture technologies, we risk losing 780,000 U.S. jobs, over $100 billion of private equity investments, and adding nearly $200 billion to the U.S. GDP.

“States and counties need to be mindful about chasing away sound investments,” Heinrich continued, “CO2 projects and access to low-carbon fuel markets can help our farmers and hometowns thrive, but shutting the door on responsible projects could stop other investment opportunities from knocking altogether.”

The Smart Carbon Network strives every day to tell the story of carbon capture honestly and fairly. We are dedicated to bringing awareness while giving everyone a voice in the environmental and economic future of their communities.


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